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Quick Service Restaurant Solutions

It goes without saying that today’s consumers are pressed for time. Therefore, convenience is often the driving factor behind many of their choices—including where and what they eat. More people are eating out versus preparing a traditional meal at home. In fact, grocery and restaurant spending are now almost equal.


Ready Made Solutions

Sometimes, the best packaging solution for your product doesn’t have to be custom-made. Over the years, Graphic Packaging has created a number of standard solutions that could fit your challenge and your budget perfectly. You receive their high-quality packaging, but without the development costs.


EcoBistro®: An Environmentally Responsible Packaging Solution


Function meets purpose with Graphic Packaging’s natural paperboard take-out packaging solutions. Made from 100% recycled fibers. EcoBistro® is FDA and CFIA compliant for direct food contact. EcoBistro® provides an environmentally responsible packaging solution for your products.


EcoBistro® is Graphic Packaging's line of environmentally responsible take-out packaging for multipurpose use. EcoBistro® structures are constructed of compostable paperboard and include a unique barrier coating making our EcoBistro® structures the logical choice for your packaging needs where a high performance grease barrier is required. As a recyclable, compostable and biodegradable food packaging solution, you can serve products from EcoBistro® with confidence it will be responsibly discarded or recycled/ recovered for a future use.


All paperboard used to produce EcoBistro® is made with 100% recycled fibers from which over half are recovered from post-consumer content. EcoBistro® products are FSC certified, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.


The EcoBistro® line was created to offer an environmentally responsible solution to food service and take out packaging. Make a conscious packaging decision, by using EcoBistro® for your take out, fast food, and casual dining packaging needs.


With this shift, there is an even greater need to not only keep food fresh, but to provide an easy, protective way to carry it out. To serve the quick-service restaurant and food service industry customers, Graphic Packaging offers both custom-made and ready-made packaging solutions for food and beverage items. Their goal is to provide multiple options to meet your requirements and fit your budget.


Custom Made Solutions

Their packaging experts create exceptional solutions for on-the-go eating featuring improved barrier protection and enhancements to retain freshness. The team delivers options combining attractive design and innovation based on market insights and trends. With their carton converting expertise, extensive plant network, machinery and equipment design capabilities, they’re ready to partner with you to meet your business goals.

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