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Pico Hospitality Inc. offers a complete line of chafing fuels, candles, accessories, holders and related products to meet and exceed all of your expectations. From safe and economical DEG wick chafing fuels to premium eco-friendly Ethanol gel chafing fuels, and whether you prefer traditional wax candles or LiquidLight™M fuel cells, their market leading brands of products can match your dynamic needs, guaranteed! Whatever your requirement, your best choice is Pico.


Chafing Fuel: they offer a complete line of chafing fuels to match all industry needs. Their line of warmers can match your dynamic need for a reliable and safe food warming solution. Whatever your requirement, rest assured that their chafing fuels are all clean burning and meet all industry standards for foodservice and consumer safety.


Clean burning and without emitting any smell, soot nor smoke, their P Series Ethanol EnviroFuel™ Pink Gel chafing fuels are 93% bio-based and maintain a consistent high temperature throughout their entire burn. 


The industry leading EnviroFuel™ chafing fuels offer the highest heat output. Whether buffet, fondue or s’mores at the table, they carry the right eco-friendly and economical product for your serving needs and event duration.

•    USDA BioPreferred Certified 93% BioBased

•    The Cleanest Burning Heating Gel Available

•    No Smoke, No Soot, No Smell


LiquidLight™ M Fuel Cells are oil candles made of highly refined paraffin oil, which burn with absolutely no smoke, emit absolutely no smell and last much longer than their respective wax candle substitute. Most importantly, their oil candles are spill proof, consumer safe and completely recyclable. Pico's Wax Candles are made of the cleanest and most highly refined paraffin wax. Built with your standards in mind, their wax candles are non-dripping and straight burning. As well, their products are of the highest quality emitting no smell, soot or smoke.


Holders and Lamps: their extensive assortment of holders and lamps for wax, oil and LED candles is sure to suit your unique style and décor. Whether rustic, contemporary, modern or urban you can be sure to find the right product from Pico.


The Vidacasa Heat Blaster Catering Solutions provide an easy and safe way to provide hot food for catering functions of an hour or less.


Their water activated heat blaster packs combined with their patented instant hot buffetware allow the user quick set-up and easy clean-up without the need for potentially dangerous gel chafing fuel.


Easysnap Hand Sanitizer: Simplify your life with Honour’s Easysnap single use hand sanitizer (1.2mL). Carrying hand sanitizer has never been so easy, this new innovative system is ADA Compliant and allows you to BEND & SNAP your pack effortlessly with no risk of leaks!

Honour products are formulated for effective, gentle hand hygiene — and nothing extra. Honour Hand Sanitizing Gel with 70% Alcohol Antiseptic eliminates 99.99% of germs on hands, with added moisturizers to keep hands hydrated.

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